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Our History

From 2005 to now we've enjoyed the good times and endured the bad, like so many business. Now, also like many other modern businesses, we're gaining in strength as the economy grows and the world stabilises...

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Our Vision

Sending your work out to us should be as quick and simple as having your own in-house print system.

It can be done...

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Our Strength

You know what they say about "what does not kill me..."? Well, here we are, still standing after economic times in recent years that have tested us all.

This strength is based on many pillars:

We’re not a huge multi-layered business with endless chains of management. We’re a small business with a very flat structure because we know that every one of our team has an important part to play in our success. Our people are our success.

We like meaningful quotations on this website, so here's one from Steve Jobs: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

In all the time we have been here as a printer we have been seen by our peers as a "thought leader" because we aren't afraid to innovate and develop new ideas. This remains the case - innovation, thinking ahead and leading the industry are core values for us as a business.

We aim to give first class service and we're so confident of our ability that we run a Visibility In Print programme to ensure that our operations and processes are open and visible to our clients. We can't hide from you, so we have to perform well to keep your confidence.