About our VIP programme

Our Visibility In Print team will always treat you as a VIP.

It's all too easy to mislead your customers, it's all too easy to make up excuses and try to hide from the reality. How often have you heard, "the courier must have lost it" or, "it's on the printing press now." All too often ?

We all understand why we do this, you don't want to let people down or you fear that you might lose the business. However, what we have come to recognise is that to get the close client integration we want there has to be complete transparency. We have adopted this principle as our ongoing approach and given it the name, 'visibility in print'. It takes away all the hiding places, empowers staff to be completely honest and, most importantly, allows you to be fully informed at all times so you can manage your operation properly. After all to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Using our innovative approach, we have developed, as part of our "VIP" programme, an online portal which will allow you to log in and view your orders in real time. If required it will email you at key stage events and automatically email you a tracking reference once your order has been despatched.

So if you want to be fully informed all the time in real-time, this is the way to go.