About our company strength

Since the company's inception in early 2005 we have had a rollercoaster of a ride. Being the first company in the UK to adopt the latest digital print technology and challenge the perceived wisdom within the label printing industry. Like all businesses we have made mistakes. We moved away from our core strength of offering a high quality digital label at a fast turnaround, while still being competitively priced when compared to more traditional label companies.

In 2012 we had no choice but to recognise our failings and we then underwent a total reorganisation within our business, refocusing on our core product of digital labels. it's been a difficult period, but we have continued to grow and refocus and now we are in a strong position, and have used the last three years to enhance our capabilities and integration with our clients

The Labelsprint team have a wide experience of customer requirements from various sectors outside the print industry. This, coupled with the team's label knowledge, allow us truly to innovate.

If you would like to talk about our experiences, or are struggling with similar issues yourself, feel free to give us a call.